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Angus Females


Sinclair Eriskay 2N1 7883

2N1 was a one of a kind true foundation donor cow. Straight Dale Davis breeding and a true performance cow. She was the high indexing female of the 2010 Sinclair Mature Cow Dispersal going to Coleman Angus where she once again obtained Pathfinder status while nurseing Eriskay 112 and being flushed for over 2 years creating multiple high selling lots. We were fortunate to obtain embryos on 2N1 early and then when the opportunity arose to purchase her in the 2012 Coleman Mature Cow dispersal didnt miss a beat and bought her. As we are starting to get 3 and more generations deep with her, we couldnt have asked for a better foundation. Not everything was perfect, but she did everything extremely well and left a definite mark.

Eriskay 112_edited.jpg

Coleman Eriskay 112

112 came to us later in life. She was a feature of the A Cross cow herd in Oklahoma. She has done a solid job and left a son that has done an exception job.

Eriskay 260z_edited.jpg

MRP Eriskay 260Z X 2N1

The replacement of 2N1 as the primary Eriskay donor. She has put several daughters and now a son that is a combination of what we are building. Hard working, easy fleshing, pound pushing cattle. 260 has a tremendous underline and an absolutely sweet temperament that she passes on to her off spring.

eriskay 465_edited.jpg

MRP Eriskay B465 2N1

465 has done an excellent job with her progeny and is an unique blending of Rainmaker 6169 and 2N1. She pushes a lot of power through her progeny. She has entered the donor pen the past couple of falls via IVF and is scheduled to go into being flushed again after the next calf.

Eriskay c530.jpg

MRP Eriskay C530 2N1 654X

530 was one of the most physcially dominiating females I have ever had the priviledge of being around. Was being patient and not ruining her til she was mature before entering the donor pen. Was able to do one aspiration on her before unfortunately losing her. How her one and only daughter has started I have a feeling she will be a great tool going forward.

eriskay 810.jpg

MRP Eriskay 810 2n1 XXP

810 is an extremely good cow. Her calves always highlight the pen. Sons have been easy to sell and daughters have the right look. We have one set of IVF calves on the ground and look forward to working more with her


Sinclair Enchantress 4F4 

Enchantress 4F4 was a highlight cow that was able to get. Tremendous power for being a 5522 daughter. She was a very frustrating cow to flush but left us with a couple very good daughters. Her sons did a very good job for several customers.


MRP Enchantress D602 4F4 R

Will be hearing more from this girl! She has done everything right and so have her daughters.


MRP Enchantress D603 4F4 Mnd

603 has done a great job. The 910 herdsire is her son and have been really liking his calves. She has done a solid job.


Sinclair E Blackbird 2N12

2N12 was the first donor purchased. Learned a lot with her and have several daughters still working. She was a maternal sister to PAPA Forte 1921

Heidi 652D_edited.jpg

Blairs Heidi 652D

Heidi 652D was probably one of the best purchases we have ever made for the money! She is a unique cow that originated as an embryo from Argentina. She is a tremendous producer. She raised a phenomenal set of twin bulls and bred back timely. Her daughters from Outcross have the look as well as her daughter from Tallgrass. There will be a lot more to see from this great cow.

Dixie Erica 2044_edited.jpg

NCC Dixie Erica 2044

Dixie Erica 2044 was a unique female bred in the Neiman herd in Wyoming. Combing Cole Creek and Ohlde genetics she is quite moderate but pushes a lot of performance through her calves. A Great tool to build with.

riverbend lady u647_edited.jpg

Riverbend Lady U647

Lady U647 was a unique combination of Band 876 and Lady 4465. She served as a long time donor for Riverbend Angus and made a large supply of embryos for us as well. Will continue to see progeny out of her as we work through her supply.


Coleman Donna 186

Foundation Donna. She is going strong 12 years of age. Her daughters have done well and sons have been easy to market. She has a tremendous pedigree and phenotype.

dixie erika 3020_edited.jpg

NCC Blackbird 3020

Blackbird 3020 is a maternal sister to Paxton sired by OCC Prestige. She is softer and stout with a great underline. She has produced several daughters that will be working their way in the fall herd.


Millady of Grassy Lanes (34S)

34S was an aged cow purchased from the 2018 Fairview Disperal where she had been a donor. She has a unique pedigree from a long time Canadian herd. She possessed an outstanding structure and underline at an advanced aged. We were fortunate to bank a large supply of embryos on her for later projects from some foundation sires. She also left several natural sons that have been retained and have worked well as clean up sires.

Red Angus Females

red angus Cora 545x.jpg

Red Cockburn Cora 545X

Cora 545X was the first red angus cow to enter the herd. She did a tremendous job and produced several daughters and a son that have been a huge part of the build of the red angus herd. Was able to get several more maternal sisters that have left tools as well.

Simmental Females

simmental 536.jpg

MRP Dixie Erica 536C 185

Half blood simmental that is leaving her mark. She has an exceptional docility to her and a flawless underline and teat structure. Her females have started to build in to the spring herd and will have more simmental bulls available down the road.


MRP Cream Soda 802

Unique and powerful. The Cream Soda family was a dominating force at Hudson Pines and when the opportunity came to pick up a pregnancy from the dispersal, it couldn’t be passed up. She adds a little more power and scope to her calves. She is productive without being excessive in her milk production. Bred to last. A great building tool for the simmentals.

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