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Our Cattle

Angus Sires

Don pepe 4443_edited.jpg

SAV Don Pepe 4443

Pepe was a purchased as a mature bull. His dam was an exceptional outcross tool at the Schaff herd. He has blended well on the cow herd and the daughters have been nice and the sons stout and muscular.

Tallgrass 801_edited.jpg

MRP Tallgrass 801

Tallgrass is an unique mating of Redland Manderson 2038 and 2N1. His daughters have the softness and power to bring forward through the herd and sons have a stoutness. He was in a major bull fight and has limited mobility but sired a large draft of calves through 2 calf crops.

bull el tigre 910.jpg

MRP El Tigre 910 603

910 is a powerful bull. His sire was an over 5 lbs/day gain and worked in my fathers commercial herd. He bred Enchatress 603 and produced the 910 bull. Looking forward to more calves coming from him.

mrp don pepe 201_edited.jpg

MRP Don Pepe 201

201 is a natural son of 260. He had the look from the start as a herdsire and didn’t disappoint as he developed. Tremendous structure and balance, great temperament and didn’t leave an open cow in his pasture as a single sire as a yearling. He was just short of 1400 lbs at 14 months of age. Look forward to his first calf.

Montana Outcross 9077.jpg

Montana Outcross 9077

We were part of the purchase group of 9077. Have been extremely happy with his calf crops and how they have blended with our genetics. The females have the look and the bulls have been solid. His first calves at Montana Angus were extremely well received and were several of the sale highlights. He blends Density with an Argentine pedigree.

Reference Sires


Coleman EXT 0252

First herdsire purchased. He was the 2nd high seller after Charlo. Unfortunately lost him after his first breeding season due to dislocating his hip in a bull fight. Still have some semen left and will use. He left beautiful females that had tremendous docility, milky but not excessive and great underlines.

mountain pass (reference bull)_edited.jpg

Sinclair Mountain Pass 4P138

We purchased a set of commercial females from Culver Cattle in Fort Collins that had 1 to 2 generations of 4P138 bred in them. He sired several sets of commercial females that won the NWSS as a commercial pen of bred heifers plus adds a lot of carcass value. Had the priviledge of seeing him at 12 years of age and was so impressed. Will keep using him to build with on both the commercial and purebred herds.

Red Angus Sires

smash 815.jpg

MRP Smash 815

815 moved on tremendous feet and leg structure. He pushes a lot of muscle through his calves and females are looking good at this point. Has been mated to several maternal sisters with very good success.

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